LUQEL Know How - Everything about water


Discover the answers you need on filtration, mineralisation and water hygiene. How LUQEL's revolutionary Water Station technology provides a three stage filtration process to deliver pure filtered mineralised water.


LUQEL water has a unique signature, an individual fingerprint that offers users a personalised water recipe. This individuality is created by seven minerals dissolved in water: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, hydrogen carbonate, sulphate and chloride. They not only fulfil important functions in the body, they also shape the taste of the water from your water dispenser. Each individual mineral is inserted as a glass unit into the dosing shaft of the Water Station and, thanks to a newly developed dosing technology, is released into the water in the finest quantities. Matching the respective recipe.



The HYDRONAR® filter technology developed and optimized by LUQEL removes pollutants as well as unwanted tastes and odors from tap water. The water is cleaned in a three stage filtration process.

In this way LUQEL also creates the ideal basis for the subsequent mineralisation of the perfectly purified water.


As the most precious element of our lives, water should remain pure and safe to drink. A sophisticated filtration system can achieve this, with the support of a hygienic automated cleaning process.